The Self-Sustained House

About Us

The Self-Sustained House design is one that we hope everybody can study, learn from and even build. This greenest home is created as a real-world now-generation home that seeks to be the best energy-smart planet-changing dwelling in the world! We can assure you that this home will be in most ways just like the home you currently have, but greatly improved in many technological facets. The home will efficiently harvest the sun to make its own power and hot water. It captures all the rainwater that lands on the roof, filtering and storing it for use in the home. It processes and treats the bio-waste on-site. It gives you built-in inside space to garden vegetables and raise fish in a multi-story aquaponic water feature for many of your home-grown meals.


Our Designer: Bill Badrick

Bill holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Oregon School of Architecture and Allied Arts, Class of ’83. He was awarded an internship in Washington D.C. with RNA Associates Architects. Upon completion of his internship, Bill sat for the A.R.E. National Architecture Registration Examination and passed all seven sections in 1987. He was subsequently awarded a License to practice Architecture in 1987. He designed a modern brick home in Arlington, Virginia that won “House of the year” from the NVHBA in 1988. In addition Bill exhibited a proposal for an Astronaut’s Memorial Design at the Allen Gallery in Washington D.C. in 1990.

Bill returned to Portland in 1993 in order to accept a senior position with VCA Architects. He headed up the Project Team for the Building Design, Oversaw the development of the Contract Documents and performed the Construction Oversight of the six story, adaptive re-use for the 725 Building in the Pearl District. He accepted the Portland AIA Honor Award for the firm.

Bill opened his own Design Firm in 1997 in the Pearl District. The Firm’s portfolio includes multi-story commercial historic renovations and seismic upgrades, restaurant interiors, and many new houses and home renovations. He earned a 1994 AIA/CES Certification from the Portland State University SEC. Bill was a semi-finalist for the Calgary Bridge Design in 2010, and was a finalist for the Navajo Code Talkers Museum in 2011. His design won a M.A. National Design Award in 2000.

He is currently advising the Board of Directors and providing Vision Art for the History Collection Park adaptive re-use for the 90,000 square foot 1898 Montgomery Dock #2 which includes a 90,000 square foot green “park roof” a water wheel electric power generator system and a 300 foot solar Trombe Wall.

In his off hours Bill had authored four books including Conway Green, and Thirty Houses the Mattered in the 20th Century.