The Self-Sustained House

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The Greenest Home

Design for Resilience

Sustainability focuses on the well-being of the planet, with ripple effects on the human world. Resilience focuses on adaptability, adding in the protection of human life to the equation. So, why do I care now, you may ask? The evidence of more difficult times is all around us. See for yourself the hottest summer ever, the rising sea levels, the hurricanes, tornados and mega-wildfires. This is a time for smart people to get the basic things stronger to stay on the top of the wave.



The greenest home features:

  • flex-front room that may be used as a home office
  • a stair tower built for aquaponics
  • garden bay windows along the south face
  • 3-stage rain water filter/storage system
  • green garden roof
  • all the solar panels required to totally power itself